Our PSG Results for the week ending 11/30/2012

ImageHello PSGNB!
Well one result is that we now have our blog (online newsletter) up and running!

Our Job Support meeting was held again under the leadership of Ed Levinson.  We had 9 people there, including a guest that heard about it from Larry Manzino at the East Brunswick Public Library.

Speaking of the library, this week 7 people dropped in that the East Brunswick Public Library’s “Job Help” table.  PSGNB started a partnership with EBPL in September and has been manning the table for them since October.  Thanks to Larry Manzino for manning it every Monday and Wednesday from 1-5pm!

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3 Responses to Our PSG Results for the week ending 11/30/2012

  1. psgitsup says:

    Hey Bob, this is a great idea, and another way to get the word out about PSG !

  2. Sandy Grant says:

    Great idea!

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