PSG Volunteer Needed for new position: PR Territory Manager

Hello PSG,

If you’d like to volunteer to do this for PSG, please email your resume to Bob Moran at

I’ll interview your over the phone after I get your resume.  It will be good practice for you and helpful to me.

= = = = = = =

PR Territory Manager

Description (CHALLENGE)

PSGNB needs to increase community awareness of the services it offers to the unemployed of Middlesex County.  The challenge is to do it with a limited budget and volunteer workers.  The organization needs to post flyers at locations where unemployed people and/or their family and friends will see them.

Duties (ACTIONs)

Duplicate Flyers at EBPL

Drive to Locations on Distribution List

Deliver the flyers to the contact person

Verify that the Old flyer is posted

Count the number of removes tabs and record on the report


Desired Results (RESULTS)

Locate 5-10 free public bulletin boards in your town.




Valid Driver’s License

Reliable vehicle and gas

Organizational Skills



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1 Response to PSG Volunteer Needed for new position: PR Territory Manager

  1. MUKESH SHAH says:

    Volunteer Experience Matters During Job Interviews

    Susan Boyle of Scotland stunned “Britain’s Got Talent” judges on April 11, 2009 and became an Internet phenomenon. W hen Susan walked out on stage and started responding to lead interviewer (Simon Cowell) questions, nobody thought Susan had any talent. Susan was 47 years old, unemployed, unattractive and applying for a job she appeared to have no qualifications for. Yet she was actually very prepared, confident and knew she had the talent to succeed. Before going on stage she said “I’m going to make that audience rock!” and she did.

    Susan was trying to become a professional singer. Her audition (interview) gave her the chance to prove she had the talent. Her audition, like your job interview, gives you the chance to prove you have the talent for the job.

    Interviewers are judges who rapidly form opinions about your abilities. Interviewees falsely believe they have no control, but in reality, job applicants have substantial control over the interviewer’s opinion. Your words, conduct and presentation are the primary factors that influence the interviewers’ assessment of your talents.

    What lessons can Susan Boyle teach us about job interviews?

    Proof can change interviewer opinions instantly

    Susan changed the opinions of 3 judges, 4,000 audience members and millions of TV viewers instantly. She accomplished this by providing compelling proof of her talent.

    During your interviews, the judges (interviewers) will ask you to provide proof of your talent by asking about your previous experience. This is your opportunity to provide evidence of your talent by describing situations when you demonstrated the talents they are seeking.

    To prepare to prove your talents try the following:

    Make a list of the talents required for the specific position.
    For each required talent, list the experience (proof) you will discuss that demonstrates your talent for the position. You can supplement your responses with visual aids like performance reviews, letters of recognition, a wards and work samples to help communicate your abilities.

    Prepare to perform when your future is on the line

    Before Susan Boyle walked on stage, she was totally prepared to perform at her very best when the time was right. She practiced singing “I dreamed a dream” many times before she performed. She did not leave her performance to chance, luck or the skill of the judges. She was in total control of herself and delivered a stunning performance.

    Practice your response to interview questions.

    Make a list of the interview questions you expect and those you fear.
    Have 2 friends practice-interview you so you are prepared, confident and comfortable answering interviewer questions. Imagine yourself felling confident and relaxed during the interview.
    Learn the right way to respond to interviewer questions by using a career coach or by trying online resources like Interview Mastery.

    Volunteer Experience Matters

    The only singing experience Susan had was through volunteering, singing lessons and practice. Even though she did not get paid to sing voluntarily, it provided the experience she needed to develop her talent.

    Your volunteer experience may also provide proof of talents you possess that are applicable to the jobs where you are applying.

    To prepare for your next interview, ask yourself the following questions:

    What compelling evidence will I present that proves I have the talent required?
    What volunteer experience have I overlooked that may provide the compelling proof of my talents?

    Read more: CrossRoads – Volunteer Experience Matters During Job Interviews

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