About Us

The Professional Service Group of New Brunswick (PSGNB) was founded over 25 years ago by a group of professionals who joined together to network and assist each other in their job searches.  PSGNB has helped over 9,000 people improve their job search skills.  People from all professional fields have benefited from our programs.  Our meetings and seminars are open to all.

 What people have said about PSGNB:

“A referral from a PSGNB member led me to a great job” – David G.

“Now I get why I need to use C.A.R. stories at interviews and on my resume” – Larry M.

 “The interviewer was very impressed with my Brag Book – Thanks PSGNB” – Debbie R.

“The video of my mock interview revealed what I needed to work on” – David G.

“When I was feeling discouraged, the emotional support I received at PSGNB gave me the courage to continue” – Deb K.

“Volunteering at PSGNB bolstered my confidence and improved my communication skills” – James M.

For additional information about PSGNB:

Link to Website on WordPress: www.psgnb.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/psgnb (Have you “liked” us yet? Please like us now.)
Website on WordPress: psgnbnewsletter.wordpress.com
Email us at: info@psgnb.org

TV Interview about PSGNB: http://tinyurl.com/psgnb-tv-interview

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